Inner Voices of Blue Reviews

‘For her piece entitled The Inner Voices of Blue, Miriama used a small instrumental ensemble almost identical to that used by Schoenberg…. Miriama employed special techniques, percussive and otherwise on the piano, played expertly by Richard Bailey. The greater part of the poem by the American poet Sarah Arvio (b. 1954) was sung by Heather Ireson. Her rich creamy mezzo, often supporting very long held, unwavering slow passages was a real delight. Some of her lines were spoken rather than sung and Richard Bailey also spoke one of the stanzas. This threw these words into high relief. The poem Côte d’Azur speaks of the sea, of water and of tides and Miriama’s instrumental writing coloured many aspects of this seascape most effectively. It was a moving and wonderfully imaginative piece of sound painting’.
– Alan Cooper reviewing the UK premiere of Inner Voices of Blue