‘Proximity/Infinity: The Mediated Voice in Mobile Music’, Oxford Handbook of Voice Studies (forthcoming, 2018)

‘Chamber Music Brought to Life with Technology’
Radio Interview with Eva Radich on ‘Upbeat’ Show (July 2017)

‘Let Me Whisper in Your Earbud: Curating Sound for Ubiquitous Tiny Speakers’, Leonardo Music Journal, MIT Press, Vol. 26 (2016)

9780754669869Singing the Body Electric: The Human Voice and Sound Technology (Monograph), Ashgate, UK (July 2015)

Listed in Best Books 2015 @ Times Higher Education.

‘Young presents a brilliant account of how the voice has been preserved, transformed and even imagined in relation to technology. The 13-page list of electro-vocal pieces alone is a superb resource.’ – Dr Elizabeth Dobson for Times Higher Education. 

‘Young provides a necessary exchange between scholarly knowledge and creative practice…. what is voice, what is it? The book insightfully and imaginatively highlights this critical question by cutting, repeating, scratching, and reassembling it. It indeed sings the body electric through its conversations.’ – Dr Zeynep Bulut in Twentieth-Century Music.

‘Using Embodied Audio – Visual Interaction to Promote Social Encounters Around Large Media Façades’ (with L. Hespanhol, M. Tomitsch, O. Bown) (Conference Paper)
Proceedings: 2014 Designing Interactive Systems Conf., 945-­954, Vancouver (21 Jun 2014)

‘A Java-based Remote Live Coding System for Controlling Multiple Raspberry PI Units’
(with O. Bown) (Conference Paper)
Proceedings of ICMC (International Computer Music Conference), Perth (12-16 August 2013)

‘Flashes of Inspiration from Artists, Start-ups and Social Innovators’ Session’
Invited talk on this Vivid Sydney Project at AMP’s Amplify Festival (4 June, 2013)

‘Sydney’s Lighting-Up’
TVNZ Seven Sharp show personal profile for Vivid Sydney 2013 Project (7 June, 2013)

‘Transforming the Urban Landscape with Creative Technologies’
Talk at University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, with Luke Hespanhol, Martin Tomitsch, Oliver Bown (9th May, 2013)

‘Upbeat’ Show
Radio interview with Eva Radich on Radio New Zealand. (18 Jan 2013)

‘Scratch and Mix: Sampling the Human Voice in the Metaphorical Phonograph’, Contemporary Music Review, Routledge UK 29: 3, 337 — 345 (2010) PDF available HERE
(This article selected in Editor’s Top Ten articles for promotion by Routledge)

Pre-concert talk, in conversation with composer John Woolrich
Scottish Ensemble Concert, Aberdeen Music Hall, Scotland (December 2009)

Pre-concert talk & interview with composers Dr Stephen Davismoon & Param Vir
Sound Festival, Woodend Barn, Scotland (November 2009)

‘Singing the Body Electric: Miriama Young – Music Compositions for the Voice’
Guest Lecture at New Zealand School of Music (July 2009)

‘The Electric Voice: The Voice and Recording Technology’
Conference paper presented at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK (July 2009)

‘Scratch and Mix: Sampling the Voice in the Metaphorical Phonograph’
Conference paper presented at the University of Huddersfield, UK (April 2009)

‘Song Weaver’, New Zealand Listener, (September 2008)

‘Singing the Body Electric: Miriama Young – Music Compositions for the Voice’
Guest Lecture at University of Edinburgh, UK (March 2008)

‘Latent Body – Plastic, Malleable, Inscribed: The Human Voice, the Body and the Sound of its Transformation through Technology’,  Contemporary Music Review, Routledge, UK 25:1, 81 – 92 (February/April 2006) PDF available HERE

‘Up on the Roof’
New Zealand Listener, NZ (Jan. 2006)

Artist’s Talk: ‘Titlipur’
Australasian Computer Music Conference, NZ (July 2004)

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Music in New Zealand, NZ (Summer 2000-2001)

‘Amalgam: Adventures in the Circus of Contemporary Music’
Music in New Zealand, NZ (Winter 2000)